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The more sweet than bitter pregnancy

The more sweet side.

So much of pregnancy is truly sweet. I have really enjoyed being pregnant for two times now. First of all, it is an amazing miracle that there is a little human being developing inside my body, all nourished by this "ugly" organ called the placenta, a miracle that only makes me marvel at Gods creation. Then, there is the excitement of having a secret you only share with your husband for a while and then telling friends and family the good news and seeing their excitement. The first little movements and kicks words cant explain, but they make you feel so special (even when they start hurting) because they are the most significant signs of the little ones life. Hearing your babys heartbeat makes it all become real and seeing your baby for the first time on the ultrasound pictures make you realize how much in love you already are with this precious little human. Starting to pick out names, as hard as it is, is fun and an honor, because no one else gets to pick out the name. Waiting to find out if you are having a boy or a girl, is one thing a lot of people dont choose but I recommend. I am so happy I did for both my children because it made my whole pregnancy a lasting surprise till the end, having to wait till the baby was born to see what we were having made me even more excited to reach the end of pregnancy to finally "unwrap' that amazing gift. Having a belly that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and not being bothered at the size at all because you know there is a little person hanging out in there and growing....that is sweet too...laying in bed and watching the little gymnastic moves is so fascinating...having Jordan and close friends feel the strong kicks is special, and realizing what a priviledge and blessing it is to be pregnant is the sweetest of all feelings.

The less sweet side

Feeling so pregnant in the first trimester when you are not obviously pregnant to the rest of the world. Craving everything....leaving you with a sick feeling of bloating....having to deal with constipation due to faithfully taking my prenatal vitamins....missing out on some hobbies like gardening and biking in the summer time when your baby belly is in the way....feeling so dependent when you cant tie your own shoe laces...and one of the hardest things for me, not sleeping in my most favorite sleep position, flat on my stomach.....and the horrific leg cramps are one of my worst prego enemies a long with heart burn....and of course the anxiety and pain of labor fits into the less sweet side too. But all of this is so worthwhile when you see the prize of running the pregnancy race till the end....

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